Othotics Questions

We’ve tried to answer the most common questions were get about foot orthotics. If you have any suggested custom orthotic questions, feel free to add them to the comments section below…

  1. Why do my heels hurt when I get up in the morning or if I’ve been sitting for a while and then get up quickly?Ask your doctor about Plantar Fasciitis – it is possible that you may have this condition. It is a condition caused when the tough, fibrous band of tissue (fascia) connecting your heel bone to the base of your toes get inflamed and microscopic tears occur.
  2. What causes Plantar Fasciitis?There are a number of factors that may possibly cause plantar fasciitis – it is different for all people. One common factor can be wearing shoes with a mid-foot cut out or shoes that are too soft. Soft shoes and soft inserts or gel type heel pads may feel good at first, but may not be helpful in the long run.
  3. What is a midfoot cut-out?To check for a midfoot cut out, place the shoe on a flat surface such as a table, look at the sole from the side. If there is an open space where the arch of the foot will be, such as a separate heel and toe area; this is a midfoot cutout. Push down inside the shoe in the area of the arch, if this flexes easily, this area is not reinforced. Now imagine every time you walk in that shoe, the middle of your foot will flatten and overextend the wrong way (like a hinge effect). This will cause tired feet and could possibly, eventually lead to Plantar Fasciitis
  4. Do I need custom foot orthotics or can I use over the counter orthotics?This is a good question to ask your Podiatrist. Most people do find in over the counter foot orthotics vs using custom foot orthotics. However, in certain cases, custom foot orthotics are warranted. OTC orthotics are much less expensive and are often tried first by patients. If you experience any shooting pains or soreness from using over the counter orthotics, immediately cease using them and consult a Podiatrist. Not listening to pain can cause further problems for your health.
  5. How are custom foot orthotics fabricated?This depends on the type. For the type of orthotics we fabricate on site, the following process is followed: Initial visit includes, assessment, history, notes and foot impressions are taken (negative casting). Plaster is poured into the impressions and allowed to dry to make a positive reproduction of the foot. A positive mould is modified and smoothed with rasp and scrap material. Positive mould is placed in a vacuum forming unit and the first layer of material is heated in a convection oven and vacuum moulded over the positive plaster mold and allowed to cool. One or more (often two) layers are bonded and heat moulded over the original layer. Rough orthotics are trimmed to function inside the footwear. The client is fit and orthosis fine tuned as necessary using feedback from the client, visual assessment etc. The Orthotist is obligated by law to re-assess and correct any reported problems as needed without an additional charge for a period of ninety days. Clients are encouraged to return for a re-check.
  6. Are flip flops bad?I don’t see why. Stick with the flat firm ones, stay away from the soft thick squishy flip flops. Thin flat flip flops promote natural walking.
  7. What are orthotics?Orthotics are a device that Podiatrists can prescribe to put in your shoes that alter the positioning of your feet.
  8.  Where can I buy orthotic friendly shoes?The majority of closed toe shoes can be converted to being ‘orthotic friendly’ by removing the inner sole to fit the orthotics in better. If you have a shorter orthotic (one that is roughly half the size of your shoe), you can cut down the inner sole that comes with the shoe to, so that it finds along side the orthotics.orthotics melbourneHow much do Orthotics cost?Well, it depends. If you get custom orthotics from a Podiatrist, you are looking at between $700 and 900. The prices of orthotics vary quite widely between Podiatrists, so it’s best to call up before hand and checking what their fee schedule is. Podiatrists also stock a range of cheaper, off the shelf, alternative orthotics, which can cost around $100.Can you buy orthotic thongs?
    Yes. Obviously, it is too difficult to insert custom orthotics into open toe shoes, like thongs, so shoe manufacturers have designed thongs that have function altering arches. Brands that make thongs or sandals that act like orthotics include Scholl, Dr. Comfort, Orthaheel, Slappa’s & Birkenstock.
    What are the different orthotic solutions?
    Different type of orthotics solutions are off the shelf, semi-custom or fully custom made orthotics, designed specifically for your feet.

    Can I get orthotics in Australia?
    Yes. A Podiatrist can assess your feet in Australia for custom orthotics. Some people’s private health insurance will cover Podiatry.


    Do orthotic insoles work?
    Well, it depends on what your specific foot alignment problem is. If you have only a slight mis-alignment, then you may be able to get away with an orthotic insole from a Pharmacy. If when you are using orthotic insoles, you experience pains or blisters, stop using them immediately and visit a doctor/Podiatrist.
    Can I get orthotics in Perth WA?


    Where can I buy orthotics Melbourne?
    You can buy Orthotics in Melbourne from the Pivotal Podiatry Clinic in Hampton East. Make an appointment by calling 9939 3339 or click here to book online.


    What are orthotic sandals?
    These are sandals that are pre-made with orthotics already inside them. These are great as regular custom orthotics will fall out of sandals and people who need orthotics, find sandals quite uncomfortable to walk around in. Even painful!
    Can I buy orthotic shoes?
    Yes, but often they are no very fashionable L
    Where can I find an orthotic specialist centre?
    Try by looking online by conducting a Google search for “orthotics” nearby.
    What are orthotic inserts used to treat?
    Custom made orthotics can be used to treat a wide variety of foot problems like flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel pain and bunions.
    Can I buy orthotic slippers?
    I haven’t come across orthotic slippers. Hopefully, your orthotic inserts fit inside your slippers. If not, perhaps try replacing your slippers with a slightly larger size.
    Who supplies orthotic shoes in Australia?
    Typically orthotics are prescribed as treatment by Podiatrists in Australia. Due to the customised prescription provided, you cannot really go directly to an orthotic lab to get orthotics. The other option is off the shelf orthotics from the chemist.


    What do orthotic arch supports do?
    Orthotics inserts or arch supports help align your feet better and assist with the treatment of problems like


    What are orthotic appliances?
    Orthotic appliance is another way of saying devices really.
    Who are orthotic abilities?
    Orthotic Abilities is a specialist orthopaedic foot and hand clinic in Canada.
    What happens at the orthotic and prosthetic lab?
    The orthotics labs receive the prescription that your doctor (Podiatrist) completes based on their analysis of your condition and foot requirements. From this prescription, the orthotic lab then commences the manufacturing of your personalised orthotic. Orthotic construction and manufacturing typically takes between 3 and 14 days, depending on the complexity of the build.
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