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Are you looking to buy Custom Orthotics?

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Need a Podiatrist near Moorabbin?

  • Our Podiatrists (Moorabbin Podiatrists) can complete a full biomechanical assessment to determine if you need custom orthotics Moorabbin
  • Using video camera’s and a treadmill to check your gait
  • We use high-quality, Australian made, Custom Orthotics from specialist laboratory Foot Worx
  • Custom orthotics from our Podiatry Clinic can be used to treat a range of foot problems including:
    • flat feet
    • fallen arches
    • bunions
    • arthritis
    • corns
    • lower back pains
    • knee pains
    • heel pain or plantar fasciitis
    • shin splints

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Why can’t you just use off the shelf orthotics?

  • Some patients are able to use off the shelf orthotics from a Pharmacy or the supermarket, but these are typically only made in 3 sizes (Small, Medium & Large), and are not appropriate for everybody’s foot type.
  • Get your feet professionally assessed for orthotics, to see which type you need.

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Book a Biomechanical Assessment for Orthotics?

  • Make an appointment to get a full biomechanical assessment from one of our Podiatrists
  • Bring your running and casual shoes to the appointment
  • No obligation to purchase orthotics during the consult


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Podiatrist Moorabbin

Our Moorabbin podiatrists can not only help you with providing custom orthotics, but we can also deliver a wide variety of podiatric services. Podiatry services that we provide in Moorabbin, Vic include general foot care like toenail clipping and hard skin removal, treatment of ingrown toenails that are giving you grief, management of corns and callouses, treatment for bunions, preventing and treatment of fungal toenails, forefoot pains, knee pains, general foot pains, plantar fasciitis, plantar warts and really smelly feet.

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