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Custom made orthotics are devices that fit right into your shoe to help your feet function without pains. Also referred to as prescription orthotics or shoe inserts, Custom Orthotics are prescribed in Melbourne by Podiatrists for a range of foot complaints including bunion pain, flat feet, arch pains, heel pain or plantar fasciitis. Orthotics in some cases can be used to help control your foot from excess pronation.

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  • Our Podiatrists have been prescribing custom orthotics to patients in Hampton East and the surrounding Melbourne suburbs for many years.
  • We can assess your feet function by providing a comprehensive biomechanical assessment, using slow motion video technology and treadmills.
  • This allows us to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your specific foot issues
  • Not everybody can benefit from custom orthotics – we won’t prescribe them for the sake of it!
  • Our custom orthotics are manufactured by Podiatric Laboratory FootWorx, under instruction from our Podiatrist
  • If you would like to get assessed for custom orthotics, please request an appointment time that suits you by calling (03) 9939 3339 or book online here


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Your Orthotics Questions…answered!!

What are orthotics?
Orthotics are a device that Podiatrists can prescribe to put in your shoes that alter the positioning of your feet.


Where can I buy orthotic friendly shoes?
The majority of closed toe shoes can be easily converted to being ‘orthotic friendly’ by removing the inner sole to fit the orthotics in better. If you have a shorter orthotic (one that is roughly half the size of your shoe), then you can cut down the inner sole that comes with the shoe to, so that your orthotics fit nicely behind the front half of the inner soles.


How much do Orthotics cost?
Well, it depends! If you are looking to get custom orthotics from a Podiatrist in Melbourne, then you are looking at between $700 and $900. Depending on your health insurance provider, you may be eligible to claim orthotics. The prices of orthotics vary quite widely between Podiatrists, so it’s wise to call up beforehand and check what their fee schedule is. Podiatrists also stock a range of cheaper, off the shelf, alternative orthotics, which can cost around $100. Otherwise you can buy off the shelf orthotics from a chemist for around $30, but be careful as the size range is usually limited and they may not fit your feet correctly – causing pains and potentially other problems!


Can you buy orthotic thongs?
Yes. It is too difficult to insert custom orthotics into open toe shoes, like thongs, so shoe manufacturers have designed thongs that have arch altering function. Brands that make thongs or sandals that act like orthotics include Scholl, Dr. Comfort, Orthaheel, Slappa’s & Birkenstock.


What are the different orthotic solutions?
Different type of orthotics solutions are off the shelf, semi-custom or fully custom made orthotics, designed specifically for your feet.


Can I get orthotics in Australia?
Yes. A Podiatrist can assess your feet in Australia for custom orthotics. Some people’s private health insurance will cover Podiatry.


Do orthotic insoles work?
Well, this all depends on what your specific foot alignment problem is. If you have only a slight misalignment, then you may be able to get away with wearing an orthotic insole from a Pharmacy. If when you are using orthotic insoles, you experience pains or blisters, stop using them immediately and visit a doctor/Podiatrist.
Can I get orthotics in Melbourne VIC?

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