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Do you need a Podiatry Clinic in the Brighton 3186 area?

  • We have qualified Podiatrists that can provide you with a full biomechanical assessment to see if you need custom orthotics in Brighton.
  • The assessment takes place in our podiatry clinic with the help of a treadmill and slow motion video recordings to assess your gait
  • Make sure you bring your runners or shoes that you wear the most for the assessment.
  • Our custom made orthotics are made using quality materials by Australian specialist laboratory “Foot Worx”
  • Custom orthotics are used by Podiatrist to treat a variety of foot complaints such as:
    • fallen arches or flat feet
    • bunions
    • arthritis
    • corns
    • heel pain or plantar fasciitis

Request an appointment online or call 9939 3339

How do custom orthotics compare with orthotics you can buy from the chemist?

  • Often people’s first pair of orthotics is bought from the chemist or supermarket
  • Sometimes patients find that these provide some improvement to symptoms they are experiencing
  • But often these orthotics do not correctly treat the problem the patient is experiencing.
  • This can be for a couple of reasons:
    • Off the shelf orthotics only usually come in small, medium & large which do not fit everybody’s feet correctly
    • Mass produced orthotics often don’t provide enough support for feet that are experiencing a high degree of fallen arches.
  • All feet are different and custom made orthotics can be the answer if you are not achieving pain relief for your foot symptoms
  • Podiatrist are well educated to assess your foot problems and provide orthotics treatment where necessary.


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Request an appointment online or call 9939 3339

Request a Biomechanical Assessment for Custom made Orthotics?

  • You can request and an apppointment at a time that suits you either online or over the phone
  • Please ensure that you bring both your most worn shoes and runners to the appointment
  • Your Podiatrist will make an assessment on your feet
  • And recommend a treatment plan
  • This may, or may not, include the prescription of custom orthotics
  • You are under no obligation to purchase custom orthotics during this assessment


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